Data Audit

In this popular formula, our experts will guide you along the path from an idea towards a profitable, impactful and integrated machine learning solution. Based on our decades of experience in machine learning, we know how to move things forward, fast. In our cooperation, we will efficiently analyze the business process and your current data sources to identify opportunities for improvements, increased productivity, and cost-savings. We help to mature the use case, tailored to your data and existing workflows while limiting risks and costs. We identify existing bottlenecks and provide further implementation plans. Our analysis examines among others:
  • current data collection and data sources
  • data quality
  • data prediction power
  • scalability of the data infrastructure
  • value and opportunities of current and future data collection
  • potential impact of the proposed solution and RoI
To do this we will construct preliminary machine learning model(s) identifying the connection between the data and the operational goal. We will assess the potential impact of the solution and which integration(s) are needed to impact the business process. The final result is expert advice, containing a complete roadmap which defines the necessary steps in data collection, data infrastructures, software development, and integration of AI applications and their costs and benefits. This roadmap can be implemented by you, us, or we might suggest solutions provided by third parties. Under certain conditions, this data audit advice can be subsidized by the ‘KMO Portefeuille’ (SME e-wallet) program for Flanders based companies. Do you think you have a good idea? You probably have. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and turn it into reality. Just reach out

Tailor-made software

Ready to take the next step? So are we. We create powerful tailor-made AI modules using the latest and most powerful machine learning algorithms. Of course we don’t stop there, we will integrate these modules in your existing workflow. To do so we will construct and interface everything which is needed to make your solution impactful. This can be migrating and deploying data infrastructures, developing novel data-flows or designing new user interfaces.
You can’t buy an AI. But with your data you can create one. – Joeri Ruyssinck
Know that we are not trying to sell you an empty box. Your data is the fuel for the intelligent model is the most important component. All created IP and knowledge is transferred meaning that you become full owner of the developed solution.

No unnecessary license fees. No unnecessary hardware. Invest in what you need.

Knowledge Transfer

Our experts hold PhDs in the field of machine learning and used to lecture machine learning and other courses at Ghent University. We understand the innovation and technology that is driving your company and we know how to transfer this knowledge to your team. We bring your data experts to the next level and help your business to focus on the essence. We frequently take part in workshops, project writing or education related to machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence provides almost limitless possibilities, but companies often struggle to valorise the potential. Erroneously it is believed you need lot of data to start with AI, or that an all-digital workflow already has to be in place. AI can be surpassingly be a small and efficient investment. ML2Grow also provides training to help non-technical personnel identify potential projects with machine learning. Technical staff can also acquire specialized knowledge of machine learning through ML2Grow. These training courses also qualify for government grants through the ‘KMO Portefeuille’ program.

If you or your company would benefit from a custom tailored, on-site and/or dedicated training, please inquire details with our sales team at

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