A clear strategic vision with Kevin D’hooghe

We are delighted to announce a new member of our team! He will be an excellent fit within our organisation with his strategic & innovation expertise.

My first getting acquainted with ML2GROW was an immediate flashback to the early days of the previous start-up I worked (‘BrightKnight’). An agile environment full of enthusiastic data scientist & engineers, bursting with energy to change the world through the use of AI technology. ML2GROW has already been solving for the last 4 years several AI issue’s for the day after tomorrow, thanks to their strong academic & industry expertise. They have participated in multiple European R&D AI projects for well-known organizations.

I will strengthen the team of ML2GROW with my strategic & innovation expertise to broaden the horizon of ML2GROW. Today, based on my past experience, I notice that many SME’s and large enterprises are looking for AI partners who can embed ‘AI capabilities into their organizations rather than, develop ‘Proof-of-concepts’ that never reach scale. Together with the experts of ML2GROW, we have been able to develop an ‘AI capability program’ to enable sustainable AI adoption in every organization.

My professional background is a mixture of financial audit with a solid track record in management consultancy. Since the rise of start-ups, I have been focusing on bridging the gap between business and IT. In my last years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some renowned figures; Peter Hinssen & Rik Vera, Thierry Bruyneel and Bruno Segers.
– Kevin D’hooge