Julie Derumeaux is a Data Scientist at ML2Grow NV where she executes data-processing, data exploration and explorative model building for 20+ projects in consultancy as well as research. She performed customer churn analytics for B2B service providers, hyper-personalisation in media and journalism for VRT and Roularta, development of dashboards in Google Cloud Data Studio, development of preprocessing frameworks for travel time prediction of ships in Port of Antwerp and performing sensor data fusion for Renson.


  • Advanced bachelor of bioinformatics – University College West-Flanders
  • Bachelor of biomedical laboratory technology – University College Ghent

Key skills

  • Unix & Windows
  • Phython, R, Bash UNIX shell script
  • MySQL, NoSQL
  • Scipy/Numpy, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook, XSL, SQL
  • Data mining, Data processing and visualization