Joeri Ruyssinck is a computer science engineer with a PhD in Machine Learning where he formulated and evaluated several new approaches in ‘low sample – high dimensionality’ machine learning settings. His research was published in 5+ A1 publications and was presented at international conferences. At IDLab, a core imec research group embedded in Ghent University, he coordinated and executed 5+ national funded and European research projects. He identified machine learning solutions in diverse settings, solving problems in healthcare, automation, manufacturing, energy and HVAC, engineering and biotechnology. This resulted in 10+ publications as the second author with 6 different PhD’s students in two years of time. As a machine learning consultant, he executed several proofs of concept projects with industry as a technical lead. He currently leads high-tech company ML2Grow as CEO, executing 12+ projects for customers like Renson, Roularta, VRT, Ovizio,…


  • PhD Computer Science, Machine Learning – Ghent University
  • Master Degree, Software Engineer (IR.) – Ghent University

Key skills

  • Presenting & Teaching
  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Ensemble learning & Feature selection
  • Time series analysis
  • R/Python/Java/C
  • Sklearn / Matplotlib / Tensorflow / Numpy
  • Algorithms and Data Structures