Joachim Van der Herten is a computer science engineer with a PhD in data-efficient machine learning for design and optimisation of complex systems. Joachim is currently CTO of ML2Grow, helping organisations address business challenges by applying advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. Joachim realized 35+ technical projects in Machine Learning, cloud computing, NLP, Big data, Small data, computer vision, regression analytics, classification, sensitivity analytics, unsupervised learning, time series storage and analytics, visualisation,…

Recent examples are Joachim leading several projects for clients like Brabo and Port+ where ships movements and trajectories are predicted and services optimized. Several projects were realized by Joachim for the Flemish Government, including projects for Agency for Maritime Services and Coast, Agency & the Department of Public Health. From his experience in the NewsTapas project, he brings expertise in managing complex technology projects with competing large corporate stakeholders like VRT and Roularta Media Group and leading the efforts of research partners like Idlab in this kind of projects.


  • PhD Computer Science, Machine Learning – University of Antwerp
  • Master Degree in Computer Science – University of Antwerp

Key skills

  • Computer science theory and programming. Knowledge of big data processing systems and data engineering through several internships
  • Strong background in machine learning obtained during PhD fellowship at Ghent University
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Python, R, C++, Java, Hadoop, Cassandra, Hive, MongoDB, SQL, Beam, Airflow, TensorFlow