Data Engineer

Come join an eager team of AI enthusiasts dedicated to bring an exciting and game-changing technology to the innovative businesses we work with.

You will play an important role in ML2Grow’s ambition to drive AI adoption in industries by bringing our intelligent AI models into production environments. Your daily responsibilities will include analyzing and designing our internal and our client’s data pipelines. The ideal candidate is passionate about efficiency and is a creative person who can spot bottlenecks and problems before they occur (or as soon after). You will work together with the ML and software engineering teams to deliver innovative problem solving to our clients.

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Your role in our team:

  • Analyze existing (data) pipelined and suggest ideal changes to the flow  to introduce impactful AI models.
  • Design data-flows with the words robustness, traceability, scalability and traceability at the top of your mind.
  • Create data engineering solutions in a creative and ideal way, where you feel comfortable using a broad array of technologies to tailor the solution to the specific needs.
  • Start from the problem and work towards solutions, as opposed to the other way around.
  • Understand both business requirements and ML requirements and how they affect data flows.
  • Communicate in a language that everyone understands with a vocabulary which does not contain (AI) buzzwords.
  • Become enthusiastic when ML technology goes lives and starts having an impact on people and business.

About ML2Grow

ML2Grow provides services to help organizations with advanced machine learning to increase productivity, gain competitiveness and take full advantage of disruptive technology which continues to affect markets at a rapid pace.

At ML2Grow, we are happy if our technical solutions have a positive impact on people’s lives and businesses. Many of our solutions are currently in production in Flanders and beyond in varied set of businesses across verticals and independent of company size.

Founded in 2017 as a spin-off company of Ghent University and imec, we house all expertise required to develop data-driven solutions, deliver production systems, and provide flawless operational support. Our unique vision and approach on machine learning technology has resulted in a proven track record with delivered value to both SME’s and major brands in various market verticals.

Your profile

  • You hold Master degree or PhD in Engineering or Science or have a Bachelor degree in Informatics  with some years of experience.
  • You understand what goes in and out of machine learning models, without necessarily being able to understand the internal working.
  • You are comfortable with Python or programming languages in general.
  • You have a strong knowledge of specialized storage technologies,  cloud technology (GCP), distributed systems, containerized environments (Docker, Kubernetes,…).
  • Knowledge of Spark, Tensorflow and other relevant ML tools is a strong plus.
  • You feel confident that you can achieve something you haven’t done before, armed with a tutorial, documentation and access to the Internet.
  • You are fluent in Dutch or English, with a preference for both.
  • You feel comfortable guiding and working together with a team.
  • You communicate well to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • You are a creative person willing to find the best solution to the problem.

What we would to offer you:

  • A personalized and competitive fixed salary (package) with added commission
    • Company car, laptop, meal vouchers, fuel card, etc.
  • The opportunity to work with and learn more about AI technology in a high-tech organization.
  • A varied role that will allow you to meet a broad set of innovative and interesting client companies across sectors.
  • A pleasant work environment in a spacious office located right next to the train station of Gent-Sint-Pieters.
  • All chances to take initiative and grow within our organization.
  • A relaxed work environment which offers flexibility to organize your work day in return for assuming ownership of your key roles and responsibilities.